Allowing you and loved-ones to remain safe and independent 

The Blue Jay Opener gives an easy and safe way of locking and unlocking windows without having to stretch, stand on chairs or use step ladders – helping to eliminate the risk of falls and injury. 

Developed in the United Kingdom and supported by the University of Birmingham, the Blue Jay Opener brings huge benefit to its users. 

£39.95  Introductory Offer

Remain independent 

The Blue Jay Opener makes it easier for the elderly, those with disabilities or physical limitations to easily open, close and lock windows in their home. 

The Blue Jay Opener works with all types of modern windows typically found in kitchens and bedrooms of most homes. 

Reduce risk of falls and injury 

We are proud of the Blue Jay Opener as we believe it helps to reduce accidents of vulnerable people in their homes. 

The Blue Jay Opener has been tried and tested by elderly individuals and those with physical disabilities and has been proven to work, gaining top feedback from those who it is designed to help. 

Our customers love our product and we’re sure you will too

My pregnant daughter-in-law was really struggling reaching over the sink to open the kitchen window so we lent her our Blue Jay Opener and she found it so much easier, she didn’t have to climb on chairs to reach the handle or press the button – this gave us peace of mind.

Lyn B, Birmingham

We got one for my mother-in-law so that she could open and close her own windows – including locking them. She finds it easy to use and so much safer than climbing on things to reach the handle.

Bob H, Ipswich

Makes life a lot easier, now we can reach the window handles to unlock them, press the handle button and open the window easily now – closing is just as easy. Thank you.

Dave J, Stoke-on-Trent

I’m a little short so I sometimes used to struggle to reach some window handles, but this makes it easy and it works on all the different window handles that we have in the house.

Helen, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

How it works

With the Blue Jay Opener you can:

  • reach windows easily
  • unlock the handle and press the handle release button
  • turn the handle to open the window
  • close and relock the window.

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